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Hot Stone  

Heated Basalt Stones are placed on major muscle groups and provide a sedative effect as  your therapist uses palm-sized stones to massage away muscular tension with soothing heat.

90 min.  $150

Bamboo Fusion  

A luxurious & relaxing massage in which smooth, warm, bamboo tools are used to glide over tired muscles.

90 min.  $150

Reiki Massage  

Japanese Energy Medicine helps to unwind the mental tensions of the mind while triggering your own body's mechanisms for healing. Feels like a meditation. May include mental visual effects, seeing colors in a daydream-like state, unique sensations of heat, vibrations, pulsations, and release in areas that require healing. Session begins with energy medicine and follows with a Full Body Relaxing & Therapeutic Massage.

60 min. $85,   90 min. $125

Ultra-Sound/ Trigger Point Electrical Stimulation

The vibration of high frequency sound waves and/ or trigger point E-Stim accelerates soft-tissue repair. Increase in blood flow delivers more nutrients on a cellular level. Promotes accelerated healing and recovery on a deeper level, breaks down scar tissue/ adhesions, reduces inflammation, improves range of motion.  Add on to a Treatment $15 

Electrical Stimulation (T.E.N.S)

Suffering from a "pulled muscle"? This therapy is for you! Electrical stimulation pads + ice packs (if needed) are placed on muscle flare-ups to provide the optimal recovery. Provides accelerated healing, decreases inflammation, improves range of motion, and reduces pain.  30 min. $40,  Add on to a Treatment $25

On-Site Chair or Table Massage

Host a massage party or incentivize your employees. 4 person minimum required for out of office visits. All fresh sheets, portable equipment and supplies provided with set-up fee and pre-payment of services.

Spinal Traction Therapy

Our Spinal Traction Table uses rollers that gently contours to your body to assist in decompressing & aligning the spine which helps correct posture, relaxes your back muscles, and reduces back pain.  15-30 min. $25

Assisted Inversion Therapy

Our protocol helps decompress the bone structure of the body correcting spine alignment and posture.  10-15 min. $15

Bellabaci Massage & Body Therapies

Bellabaci Massage 

Full Body & Face Treatment  

Who doesn't want to lose inches and firm skin during their massage?
Bellabaci Massage is a Contouring Body Treatment. Based on Ancient Chinese Cupping but
designed to deliver a skin treatment that feels like a massage Bellabaci offers so many
beautifying and health benefits it's unbelievable how good it feels!
Bellabaci is now included in all of Beach Life Wellness' Body Wrap & Scrub Treatments and
can be experienced upon request included in our 60 min. Organic European Touch facial.
We recommend for maximum results starting with the Bellabaci Luxury Contour Treatment
followed by one full 90 min. Bellabaci Massage per week for 6 weeks or until desired results are achieved. Individual results vary.
90 min. $125

Mango Island Dream 

Mango Sugar Scrub for full body exfoliation & lymphatic stimulation. Client enjoys a refreshing shower and treatment ends with a touch of Mango Body Butter for deep hydration and luscious aroma

(other scents available).

60 min. $85

Add a Massage and/or Facial for a Luxurious Treatment!

Luxury Citrus Contour Treatment & Body Wrap  

Treatment begins with a full 60 min. Bellabaci Body & Face Massage, followed by exfoliation with a gentle Citrus Body Polish. Hot moist towels provide soothing heat and open pores to accept the application of a refreshing French Green Clay Body Wrap. Client is wrapped loosely while the mask draws out toxins from the lymphatic system. Client enjoys a refreshing shower and treatment ends with an application of Citrus Herbal Body Butter.

Features all benefits of Bellabaci Massage plus exfoliation, additional removal of toxins including detoxification of the lymphatic system for stronger results, and skin hydration.

2 hrs. 15 min. $220

Revitalizing Foot Massage & Scrub 

Unattended feet often develop Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Heel, and painful Bunions. Experience relief as the feet are wrapped in warm moist towels in preparation for this ancient wellness therapy. A gentle sugar, or salt scrub is performed. Reflex points on the feet that correspond to specific organs and body systems are massaged to restore balance to the entire body.

30 min. $50 

Beach Life Signature Massage 

Breathe in the aroma as a hypnotic scalp massage eases your mind in preparation for this head-to-toe relaxation ritual. Special attention is paid to the body where it needs it the most with deep tissue therapy and warm compresses. 

60 min. $80,   90 min. $120,   2 hr. $160 

Classic Relaxation  

The Basic Swedish Massage. The perfect choice for those who "just want to relax". This soothing massage is ideal for calming the nervous system, increasing circulation, and unwinding general muscular and mental tension.

60 min. $75,   90 min. $110

Clinical Deep Tissue 

Specific therapy is applied with moderate to heavy pressure to the deeper layers of muscle tissue & joints to promote healing.  Medical Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point Therapy, and Acupressure may be used to release chronic muscle tension, holding patterns, and relieve pain.

30 min. $50,   60 min. $85,   90 min. $125

Traditional Thai Massage 

An ancient healing art based on Yoga. A multidimensional healing experience. Performed on a thick mat on the floor with client dressed in loose clothes. Practitioner gently applies passive stretching and rhythmic compression along energy lines with the purpose of improving flexibility, gently realigning posture and unblocking energy pathways.

90 min. $150

Couples Massage 

We accommodate 2 massages performed at the same time in the same room.  60 min. $85 each,   90 min. $125 each Upgrade with a Reiki Sound Bath.  Add-on  $20 

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