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Summer Ball, LMT   MA88828, MM31384

Licensed Massage Therapist

Summer is a third generation native of Venice Florida who wants to make a positive impact in our

community by improving the quality of life and activities of daily living for our customers. Summer parents

are both Equine Massage Therapists and she was introduced to and been involved with massage therapy

since she was very little. Over the years Summer and her family have had specialists in the field of

acupuncture, cold laser, and chiropractic working on their horses and dogs. She has seen how beneficial

these therapies are for not only their animals, but for her and her family too. That’s how Summer decided

to start her journey to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Summer enrolled in an 800 hour massage therapy course at the prestigious Sarasota School of Massage

Therapy and graduated in September 2017. By using the various techniques she had learned at massage

school, she is not only able to help her clients with their physical injuries but also with the wear and tear

mental stress puts on their bodies.
Future goals for her career include getting certified in Neural Muscular Therapy, Thai massage, and sports massage. In her own words, Summer said: “I’m excited to be working with the wonderful staff at Beach Life Wellness and can’t wait to make a positive change in more lives”.
We at Beach Life Wellness are very happy and lucky to have such a talented, kind and enthusiastic practitioner in our team!

Tera Leigh Lanier is a licensed Acupuncture Physician. She has a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine

as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. She attended East West College of Natural Medicine

in Sarasota where she lives with her two children. She is trained in Master Tung’s Acupuncture protocol

and incorporates this effective style with Traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance the body’s own

natural ability to heal itself when it is guided to do so.

With electric stimulation and cupping she is proficient in pain management and joint therapy.

She believes combining acupuncture, Chinese medicine, clean eating and the proper exercise is truly

the way to a long, healthy life.

As well as treating chronic illnesses, Dr. Lanier can guide the patient to the importance of Acupuncture

as preventative medicine to insure a healthier future. Although she has spent years in Colorado, South Carolina and New England, Tera is a native Floridian and has herself continued to benefit from the beach lifestyle.

Dr. Tera Lanier, AP 3867, MM31384

DOM, AP - Acupuncture Physician

"Holistic skin therapy for sound body and soul"

For as long as I can remember, overall health and wellness has been important to me. It was learning

about and from receiving Reiki that opened up a newfound passion in healing for others and is where

I began my path towards skin care.

I completed a 600 hour professional esthetics program, earning my license as a facial specialist and as

a body wrapper. I am also a Reiki II practitioner, offering energy healing to achieve not only radiant skin

but sound body and mind also.

I strive to help clients diagnose and better understand their skin issues through a tranquil and relaxing

experience. Whatever your skin concerns or conditions may be, I will use my skills and knowledge to

give you a luxurious experience and recommend a home care regimen that will keep your skin looking

and feeling fabulous between facial visits. I’m passionate about nutrition and the affects it has on the

skin as well as exploring organic ingredients and products that are safe and useful. Continuing my education on new skin care techniques and treatments is a priority of mine. I enjoy to spend time with my family and friends, love reading, the outdoors and nature.  I’m excited to be a part of the talented team of individuals who offer full-body wellness at Beach Life Wellness!

Jessica Hobbs,  FB9749177, BW9708, MM31384  

Licensed Aesthetician/ Body Wrapper


                                                                               In the late 80's, I joined the Navy where my values of respect, integrity, and compassion became     

more ingrained as I helped my colleagues to surpass all physical challenges. Those values and experiences layed down the foundation for my career in the health industry. 


In 1994, I received my first certification in Physical Fitness Training from the Cooper Institute, and gained extensive experience working with athletes at the Pumping Iron Gym. I have since acquired multiple degrees, certifications, and recognition in the areas of Alternative & Natural Medicine, Fitness and Nutrition. I have worked closely with Fawcett Memorial Hospital directing the senior wellness & fitness program (since 2004), Progressive Physical Therapy Health Club (2006- 2012), and the Gasparilla Inn and Club (2008-2012), developing and directing specialized fitness and nutritional programs.

My expertise and passion for what I do is the drive that keeps me and my clients going!  As your personal motivator, your goals are also mine and together we will achieve the body of your dreams!  I will lead you every step of the way to a healthier and more enjoyable life! 

My wife and I love wild life, the beach, the ocean, the sun, mountains, and nature in general... together we are living our dreams to have the most complete advanced and nature oriented wellness center for you and our community!  We are delighted to welcome you to join our wellness family!

Advanced Degrees & Certifications: Master Trainer/ Performance Nutrition by ISSA, Physical Fitness Specialist by CIAR, Bodies in Motion and Resistance Tools by Silver Sneakers, Advance Health & Fitness Specialist by ACE, Clinical Exercise Therapist and Exercise Physiologist by ACSM, MS Exercise & Nutrition by Cooper University, PhD. Alternative Natural Medicine by Quantum University, Plant-Based Nutrition by Cornell University, Reiki Master/ Energy Medicine by Hardwood Yoga Center, TRX Suspension Training by TRX, Moms & Kids in Motion/ Group Training Fitness Instructor by SCW, Professional Recognized Member of IDEA, Martial Arts and Self Defense Instructor by WMAF and JKA. 

In 1998, I attended the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy where I received my 540 hr. diploma for Massage Therapy and Bodywork.  In 1999, I became Nationally Certified.  Directly out of massage school, I gained invaluable expertise working with acute and chronic injuries, muscular and neurological dysfunctions and diseases at STAR Physical Therapy and discovered just how powerful a  Massage Therapy regimen can be in the physical rehabilitation process.

12 years prior to opening Beach Life Wellness, I have had the pleasure of serving the fine people of Boca Grande.  I have had many wonderful opportunities to meet and serve an eclectic group of prominent people on this exquisite island.  People such as President George W. Bush, the First Lady Laura, daughters Jenna & Barbara, Sr. President George Bush & the First Lady Barbara, FL Governor Jeb Bush and the DuPont family frequented the Spa at the Gasparilla Inn where I served 11 wonderful years.

This has been an exciting year for me! On top of all the excitement of starting this new business venture, I came full circle and completed an amazing 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Certification Program including Aerial Yoga & Reiki. I also enjoyed a Cruise to Bermuda for a Medical Massage Certification. I have so much to share.  Whether you are looking for relaxation or specific deep muscle therapy, I am committed to sharing the amazing health benefits and wellness lifestyle that massage therapy & yoga is such an integral part of.  With my understanding of  Anatomy, Physiology & Modern Medicine combined with my background in Eastern Healing Arts, you can expect to experience a level of relief of your common aches & pains and support on your wellness journey in our first session together.  You only get one body, so let's take care of it!

Advanced Certifications Received in: Medical Massage, Myofascial Release, Acupressure, Electro-Stimulation, Reiki, Hydrotherapy & Thermalism, Lymphatic Drainage, Traditional Thai, Hot Stones, Bamboo Fusion, Pilates Mat, Pilates Ball, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, Aerial Yoga Certification, Reiki Master

Lucho De Vettori, PhD, MS, PFS   MM31384

Owner/ AMP Specialized in Fitness, Nutrition &

Clinical Exercise Therapy

"I will lead you to a longer and healthier life!"

Fitness has been my life-long passion!  Since I was a kid, I enjoyed joining my Dad's workout every morning, running on the beach, surfing the Pacific waves, doing Pull-ups on the monkey bars, and Push-ups before taking a swim. I always had that sense of wellness that I learned through example from my family.  At the age of 5, I began practicing the Traditional Shotokan Karate where I learned to develop respect for others and a stronger Mind-Body consciousness. At the age of 13, I earned my black-belt and besides my martial arts, I began practicing a variety of other sports such as soccer and tennis.

As of late Oct. 2013, my husband, Lucho and I are excited to combine our expertise with other respected professionals from our area and open a business of our dreams only 0.7 miles from the beautiful Casey Key and Nokomis Public Beach!  We are here to support you on your wellness journey and provide the best Holistic Healing & Preventive Medicine services to our community!

My inspiration for "hands-on-healing" began in 1994 when I discovered Acu-Yoga, a self-healing discipline which implements holding acupressure points while engaged in Yoga asanas intended to relieve common ailments.

Lana De Vettori, LMT   MA30927, MM31384

Owner / Licensed Massage Therapist / Thai Massage Practitioner / YTT200 Yoga Teacher / Reiki Master