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Watch how Mary on her 70's can do 30 Push-ups!

Our "Functional Training System" is totally unique and innovative; we use a wide variety of fun and safe "Dynamic Exercise Progressions" that integrates your whole muscle structure combined with corrective movement and foundation training to improve your strength, flexibility, cardio endurance, posture, balance and coordination.  Each session is adjusted to your current fitness level and customized to your goals, needs and/ or limitations for better precision, form and function.


Our method is based on the principles of how the human body moves naturally and how it is linked together. While training with us, you will be using several major and minor muscle chains at the same time, to have a "Complete Body Workout" instead of isolating single muscle groups like traditional training systems performed at the gym. We always switch our training routines creating muscle confusion, so your body never knows what to expect, keeps getting challenged, activates your metabolism and increases muscle strength for an "After Burning Effect", and never plateaus.

Our workouts are always different, always fun, you won't get bored and the results of this training techniques are stunning! 

Your training sessions are perfectly built and timed to have an efficient impact on your whole body:

30 min. training with us = about 75 min. at the gym.

45 min. training with us = about 100 min. at the gym. 

During your training session, you will burn twice the calories in 1/2 the time.

After the training session your body will keep burning calories due to the "After Burning Effect"

You will develop pure muscle fibers (not bulky mass) which will shape your body, so you feel and look terrific!

Better health through fitness and good nutrition is not rocket science and can be achieved faster than you think with the help of a trained professional. Here at "Beach Life Wellness" we have developed the best, safest, most effective training system, that delivers fantastic results!


 Whether you are looking for: 
1) Weight Management: Weight Loss, Inch Reduction, Body Shaping.
2) Body Foundation-Posture-Corrective Movement-Range of Motion, Senior Fitness, Clinical Exercise and/or Pre-Post Surgery Exercise Therapy, Rehabilitation Exercise, Fitness Before-During-After Pregnancy, Muscle Fascia Training.
3) Performance: P90X, Athletic, Sports, Body Building, TRX Suspension Training, Golf, Tennis, Law Enforcement, etc... our Dynamic Functional Training System is what you need to succeed! 

After a few sessions you will feel the difference, after a few weeks you will see the difference, and with persistence you will be a totally new person! 

Let us lead you to a longer, healthier and more enjoyable life!




Total Body Composition Analysis/ Body Mass Index/ Progress Tracking/ Fitness Test

Functional Movement Screening/ Full Body Home Workouts with Online Video Support

Complete Lifestyle Nutritional Assessment with Portion Control Plan and Coaching/ Re-assessments as needed

16 Personalized One on One Training Sessions

30 min. Sessions $995,   45 min. Sessions $1,195



Total Body Composition Analysis (TBCA)/ Body Mass Index (BMI)

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)/ Fitness Test (FT)/ Dynamic Performance (DP)

Measures body percentages of muscle, water, fat, oxygen, weight & height ratio. It also tests RHR (Rest Heart Rate), and Blood Pressure. Fitness, FMS, and Dynamic Performance Tests are performed according to your physical condition, perceived exertion, age, weight, sex, needs/ limitations (if any), to determine where is your actual cardio - muscle endurance, strength, and flexibility level; so we can give you recommendations and solutions to help you improve your fitness level in a very safely manner.

A state of the art, scientific approach used to develop, or recommend the most effective workout program for you

60 min. $125,   30 min. reassessments $55 



Avoid a diet that will eventually end. Start a lifestyle that will last forever! (Lucho De Vettori)

Complete science based, yet easy to follow guide customized to your specific needs.

Our plan has an option to portion control, which we highly recommend to clients that are always busy with no extra time to be counting calories and/or plan special meals.

Whether you want to prevent, arrest and reverse certain medical conditions, gain healthy weight, lose weight safely, or to turn your body into a 24/7 fat burning machine, our program is perfect for you!

Our nutritional program is simple and effective. It will boost your metabolism into high gear, deliver the proper amount of nutrients: like protein, essential vitamins, minerals, oils, and antioxidants to promote self healing, better body functionality, increase the muscle mass that you have loss throughout the years, prevent and/or reverse certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes type II, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, and many others.

Along with your training program,  a proper nutritional plan is essential to maximize your results, improve overall performance, speed up recovery, increase energy levels, decrease harmful body fat and live a healthier lifestyle.

You will learn the process of ingestion, digestion, absorption, metabolism, transport, storage and excretion of nutrients; the effects foods have on your body composition, identify nutritional requirements, integrate proper food selection, portion control, daily caloric intake, and proper hydration to achieve your personal goals.

At Beach Life Wellness, we will give you 100% support during the transition of incorporating proper food choices and good habits into your lifestyle.

We may also pre-planned trips to local grocery stores and food markets when available, to teach you about food selection, read labels, and many other things.

* 90 min. Initial Consultation + 8 Week Unlimited Support from your Coach $395 

* Add to Personal Training $195


Absolutely Personalized, One on One Attention to Your Specific Needs.

Includes a Complete Fitness Assessment on All Programs of 4 Weeks & Up 

30 min. $45,   45 min. $60  


50 min $85 


Customized to the specific needs of the group, or the needs of each separate individual in the group.

3 - 5 People (Prices vary)


Now you have the chance to exercise with your son, daughter, husband, wife, or any other family member!

This program specializes in providing professional and personalized fitness training to families, or relatives that want to workout together including up to 2 children. We prefer groups of 3 family members, and the children must be 12 years or older to participate in this program. For a larger family group including more children, please contact us to arrange a semi-private training sessions

Prices vary according to the number of participants. Call us for details!




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