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Our Unique Noninvasive/ Non Surgical Clinical Program helps alleviate the back, neck, leg and arm pain associated with several conditions related to the spine which can include: herniated or degenerative discs, facet syndromes, stenosis, lumbar stiffness, spinal muscular atrophy, inflammation, surgery. It also assists to repair the annulus, nucleus, facet joint and foramina in the spine to properly support your head and body movements.

​We use specific therapies to effectively help the spine maintain and create the space needed between each vertebrae reducing the compression on the discs, increasing flexibility, and reducing muscle stiffness which result in pain relief. These techniques correct muscular imbalances and induces a vacuum-like effect that produces suction inside the discs and brings them back into position allowing for relief of pressure. Nutrients such as water and oxygen that normally circulate within a healthy spine are pulled into the vacuum, allowing for stronger and healthier discs. When discs are compressed the nutrients are usually blocked.

Another great benefit of our Integrative Therapy is to slow the effects that gravity has on the body while walking, working or even just sitting and will be side-beneficial to your shoulders, wrists, elbows, hips, knees and ankles joints. This is a conservative treatment option that when followed as directed may encourage true healing rather than mask the symptoms of pain with harmful drugs. It may also prevent the need for surgery in some patients with back and neck conditions.

We have different techniques to approach your specific problem according to your goals, needs, and limitations.

These techniques can be used alone or in combination to deliver long lasting results: 
1) Spinal Bio-Mechanicals Corrective Movement
2) Therapeutic Decompression Stretch
3) Straight Body Frame Adjustment & Alignment 
4) Inversion Therapy
5) Inter-Segmental Traction Therapy
6) Foundation Training
7) Lumbar and Core Strengthen
8) Muscle Fascia Relaxation (FF Roller)
9) Trigger Point Acupressure (SF Roller)
10) Transcutaneous Electrical Muscle and Nerve Stimulation
Note: Therapeutic Massage, Thai Massage, and/or Acupuncture may be suggested if needed to maximize the benefits of the program.

We will give you a full array of gentle tests to pinpoint your limitations; such as range of motion, strength and flexibility before we start the program to better understand your condition and recommend the right number of sessions per week and time for each session. In most cases our clients will start off with approximately two to three 30 to 45 minute sessions per week, depending on their specific case. We recommend 12 to 16 sessions protocol for initial results.​

30 min. $45,    40 min. $60     

Spine Decompression & Joint Health/ Back and Neck Pain Relief Program